Frilly Motion Blur

Caught with appropriate permits for scientific study; photographed when released [5]

The rains triggered termite activity two nights ago, and I’ve seen dozens of pillar-like termite mounds sprouting from ground. The rate at which these insects build their nests is extraordinary. After being covered in hundreds (not quite thousands though) of winged termites for several unsuccessful hours, I found a new frilly spot deeper into the forest. In just an hour I spotted three females followed by two males, the last of which was my largest frilly to date. He frilled up and put up a fight like the Godzilla frilly, though not as vigorously (video coming soon!). Here’s a shot of the smaller of the two males when I released him back into his home in the evening. Although it’s not the sharpest image, it really gives a sense of the rapidity of these dragons, kicking up particles of the termite mound as he leapt for freedom. Zoom in to see the texture of the motion blur.

Another motion blur image I took earlier this year of the giant tropical grasshopper, Tropidacris cristata. This species was common in the airstrip at Sirena and they were frequently hunted by roadside hawks and yellow-headed caracaras. I only found them a few times in the forest, and this one was very close to the airstrip.

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