Australian Green Tree Frog

Male tree frog calling

Australian green tree frogs (Litoria caerula) are distributed through most of northern and eastern Australia. Like most tree frogs it is variable in coloration ranging from bright green to dark olive. Though abundant across the wetlands, the green tree frog can thrive in dry climates. In the dry season my eucalypt forest field site regularly has temperatures of over 100°F (38°C) with long periods of time without rain. Still, these frogs along with others such as the dwarf tree frog (Litoria bicolor), rocket frog (Litoria nasuta) and giant frog (Cyclorana australis) emerge from their refuges in tree hollows, pandanas, and burrows the night after a good rain. In these suitable conditions the frogs are ready to snatch up insects while they can, slinking back into dormancy until the wet season begins.

Photographed in situ [1] in the Kimberley

Color variation

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