Indonesian Double Shield Mantis


A nymph of an Indonesian double shield mantis (Pnigomantis medioconstricta, ~2.5 cm) rests under a leaf at night, dwelling amongst the numerous forest skinks (Sphenomorphus spp.) and white-lipped pit vipers (Trimeresurus insularis) in low-hanging vegetation. This species was common in Pulau Padar and gets its common name from the distinct double sinusoidal pronotum. The double shield mantis is endemic to the Lesser Sundas and monotypic in the genus. Nymphs are green to yellow in color and adults a light silver with white and brown mottled wings. Even in young instars they are short-legged with light banding on the femora, and the raptorials are heavy-set giving the mantis a more bulky appearance.

Photographed in situ [1] on Pulau Padar, Lesser Sundas, Indonesia

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