Side-striped Chameleon

Photographed after slight disturbance [2]

The same day I arrived in Kenya I was lucky enough to spot my first chameleon in the wild, a side-striped chameleon (Trioceros bitaeniatus). This species is endemic to scrub forests in eastern Africa, remaining hidden amongst the dense vegetation. I’ve visited him every day so far, and it looks like he has settled comfortably in a small bush. Every time I come to find him in the morning, he has positioned himself at the bottom of the plant near the stem, arching downwards with a blade of grass clenched by his short prehensile tail. So far the chameleon’s body color has varied from pale brown at night to grayish or warm yellow during the day. I’m excited to see if he will acquire a green suit for his wardrobe as the wet season progresses!

Photographed in situ [1]
Photographed in situ [1]
Photographed in situ [1]

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