Two Male Frillies

Pictured here is a handsome male frilly who I released this afternoon. He seemed very pleased to be back out in sunlight.

Awesome night tonight. I watched a sugar glider scramble around high in the eucalypt trees for two hours before getting rained out of the forest. Such an adorable mini marsupial with a small wavy patagium. I was rewarded for my patience and it glided for me three times, the longest about 5 meters. Get ready for some cute footage coming soon! It’s always tricky filming animals while watching them with my own eyes, but I managed to get two of the three glides on video. Some researchers suggest the “Lambalk” glider in the Northern Territory (classified as a subspecies of sugar glider, Petaurus breviceps ariel) is more closely related to squirrel gliders and may warrant new species status.

Both frillies in this post handled with appropriate permits for scientific study; photographed when released [5]

As majestic as always. This big fella is another of a handful of dominant males in my field site. He has a deep scar on the left side of his face, a cut tail, and missing teeth likely from interlocking jaws while combatting another male frilly. I took this frilly selfie shortly after he got a good chomp on my lens. Surely if he still had his fang-like pleurodont teeth the lens would have been easily shattered.

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