Blue Blood Moon


Lightning destroyed a tree outside my house, and another tree fell on my house… but the monsoon has temporarily lifted for a special night: a total lunar eclipse, supermoon, and blue moon all visible from Australia in a single night. I managed to snap this photo just after sundown, when the cloud layers happened to dissipate just enough for a clear view of the supermoon. Within minutes the entire moon disappeared under the cloud cover as it continued to rise higher in the sky.


Although the lunar eclipse and blood moon were not visible due to weather conditions, the forest was brightened by the supermoon penetrating through the clouds. The celestial trifecta brought good fortune for my time in the forest. It really was an epic night. There are too many encounters to mention at this moment, but I will reveal them gradually in my posts. Needless to say after nearly a week of being unable to search for frillies, I was reunited with them in force.

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